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This is my weight loss over 16 months. I lost 119lb through a strict healthy diet and plenty of exercise, mainly running. 

I went from being obese and depressed to fit and healthy enough to run the 2013 London Marathon in just under 5 hours raising £1,700 for Charity.

My height is 5’ 11”, I’m the perfect weight for my height and I’ve never felt better!

"You are not fat. You HAVE fat…" Love this quote!

Excellent transformation, brother!

Not everyone can: squat 300 lbs, run a mile in 7 minutes, do insane cross-fit routines, jog 10 miles, have a six-pack, do crazy calisthenics, but as long as they have a healthy goal they’re striving for, then that is all that matters. Stop putting people down; I mean shouldn’t we be happy that people are working out?! Start supporting people, even if they are involved in a different area of fitness or just started a certain area of fitness.






(Source: exilethepoet)


Side Lunge to Knee Raise Twist

3 sets of 25 reps

Kelly Ann Charles

Start standing. Take a wide step out to one side and bend through the knee, toes pointing forward. Squat back so the torso becomes parallel to the floor and the tailbone is reaching back behind you. Opposite leg is extended straight, toes pointing forward. Press into foot of straight leg, as you push off foot of bent leg, bringing the knee towards the chest. Finally, twist the opposite elbow towards the lifted knee to squeeze through the side waist. That is one rep. Step out wide to the side again and repeat, building up to 12 reps, then switch sides.

Good for balance, oblique and core toning, and leg and hamstring strength

Standard Moves presented by Puma

Going into my exercise arsenal.

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